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Beth's Quick Knit Hat

Beth's Hats for Hope Initiative: Massachusetts

Quick Knit Ribbed Hat 

Designed by Beth Pitard

You will need:
Size 10.5 16" circular needles and DPN's (Gauge is not critical but if you knit tight you might consider using size 11 needles)
2 Skeins worsted weight yarn  **Note: Hold 2 strands of yarn together for entire pattern**

K: Knit
P: Purl
K2tog: Knit 2 Together

Pattern is written for Child size with Adult and Large Adult in parentheses.

***Hold 2 strands of yarn together for entire pattern***
Cast on 44 (48) ((52)) and join, being careful not to twist.

Optional fold up cuff: Work 2x2 ribbing for 2" then 1 round knit then continue pattern as below:

Work K3, P1
for an additional 7" (9") ((10")) 
Note: If making the optional fold up cuff please add 2" to finished length


Row 1: K2tog, K1, P1
Row 2: K2, P1
Row 3: K2tog, p1
Row 4: K1, P1
Row 5: K2tog

Cut yarn leaving a long tail and run it through remaining stitches on needles twice and pull tight.  Secure on inside of hat and add a pom pom if you desire.

This hat was designed for the Massachusetts Chapter of Hats for Hope.  You are welcome to use this for any charity but if you find this useful please consider sending a hat to Beth's Hats For Hope Initiative: Massachusetts. Thank you!

Beth's Hats For Hope
PO Box 299
Grafton, MA 01519
Twitter: BethsHats4Hope

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